Capitola Media is made up of a talented group of artists, producers and marketers with years of
creative, design and production experience.

Chris Bunney, President, drives the business and creative direction at Capitola Media.  A video and digital media executive with over eighteen years of experience, Chris has designed and executed projects for companies as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood studios, Internet startups and non-profit organizations. With an MBA from Columbia University, Chris has worked with talent as diverse as Steven Spielberg, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Anniston and Quentin Tarantino. He also worked at the Walt Disney Company and NBC/Universal.

Ben Ellis, Director, Producer and Editor, delivers craft and creativity to both production and post production on all of our projects. Since graduating in 2000 from Pitzer College with a degree in Media Studies, Ben has produced, directed, and edited feature films, shorts, commercials, promos and music videos for a wide variety of entertainment and corporate clients.

David Seger, Director and Writer, has worked in Web video for over a decade. Dave has created literally hours of digital content for the Los Angeles festival “Channel 101,” along with original Web content for NBC and Comedy Central. With an authentic voice and unique point of view, Dave has also crafted imaginative spots for clients such as Fox Home Video, Zipcar, Toshiba Laptops, Redbull, Gyft, and more. Dave calls Los Angeles his home town.

Anders Osterballe, Director and Writer, is a sun-worshiping Scandinavian transplant, who has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past six years. He’s directed for Google’s Studio G as well as other independent production companies. His latest short film, “Milo’s Wheels,” has screened at festivals internationally and won multiple awards and accolades.  From commercials to longer narrative formats, Anders’s focus is on storytelling, and, with an education in experimental filmmaking, always pushing the creative envelope.

Anna Halberg, Producer, and Taker of Names, Anna graduated from The School of Cinematic Arts at USC. Anna has worked as a 1st AD, Line Producer and Executive Producer for NBC, the Cartoon Network, Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers. She has produced content for major brands, including American Express, Pizza Hut, Chevy, Visa, and McDonalds. In a word, Anna rocks!

Darren Dyk, Director, Producer and Creative Director. With over 7,000,000! views on YouTube, Darren rocks his followers with consistently amazing slow-motion video content. From commercials and corporate shoots to promos and short documentaries, Darren’s sense of storytelling always yields compelling results.

Will Myers, Director of Photography. With an amazing eye and self-assured demeanor, Will is a calm creative force on every film set. A team player on every production, Will has contributed his significant talents to a wide array of projects for clients like Nike, HP, Cisco, Intuit and Visa.

Robin Kincade, Producer, brings a steady hand and a sense of humor to each and every project.  She has worked with a variety of clients during her twenty-year career including Fox Broadcasting, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Microsoft and Genentech.  Combining confidence and experience, Robin is the ultimate problem solver.